Screw Machine Products

Screw Machine Products
Screw Machine Products

We're professionals in what we do, and screw machine products are our specialty. We're perfectionists, and our customers are pleased with the exacting tolerances we achieve. Production Machining Company, established 1969, has kept pace with all the knowledge and technology that results in quality products and competitive pricing.

If your product requires machining in volume bring it to us. Send your blueprint or sample part for quotation. Every print is carefully studied to be sure that your parts are figured on the right type of equipment to assure you of the lowest possible cost. Our machines are late type and capable of holding close tolerance.

Precision parts manufactured to your specifications from a variety of materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, stainless, alloy, and carbon steels.


  • Diameters 1/4" to 2-1/4"
  • Multispindle Screw Machines
  • (1) Wickman 1" Diameter x 6 Spindle
  • (2) ACME 1-1/4" Diameter x 6 Spindle
  • (1) Wickman 1-3/4" Diameter x 6 Spindle
  • (1) Wickman 2-1/4" Diameter x 6 Spindle
  • (2) Cone 1-1/4" Diameter x 4 Spindle
Screw Machine Products
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